Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In my eyes baby..

It is finally midweek! Yay. My days are no longer mundane after I started doing photoshoots again. A couple of private shoots coming up! Super happy :) And I have an advertorial to write. Gna be pretty busy the coming days. 

Oh, did I not mention that I won the lucky $88 ang bao and GV tickets from the Super Hot Deal contest? It will be running till 31st Aug before the real winner (who will be walking away with an additional $300 + 200 hot deal credits) will be announced based on the judges final verdict. 

So, please cast a vote (a 'like') for me if you haven't.
The leading girl is 300 'likes' ahead of me, so ya.. 

Step1) First, [like] this page -​otdeal
Step2) Next, [like] this picture of me -

Check the [Omg I like] box and the [+1] box
if you want to see more modeling stuffs!

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