Friday, January 9, 2009


Argh, my ARMPITS MUSCLES are hurting. -Sob
(p.s. I love my new bikini!~)

I went for a swim yesterday, at Aunt's condo.
Though I only swam 10laps (length of pool x 20, at one shot) , I got serious armpits and chest muscles tenderness.
Don't anyone dare laugh! Boo! I know it's a piece of cake for sports men out there! It's been months since my last swim!

But swimming is really good for your body!
As, it won't build bulky muscle, and you get to have streamline body. Which means, lean and tone muscles!! Just as I feel my arms are getting softer and flabbier than usual. Tone liao lo!! No more butterfly flaps when waving goodbye! (Actually, I never had them before. Swim to prevent!!)

However, the downside is that, swimming gave me my shoulders.
Though I find myself having nice shoulder bone structure, but sometimes they really look a tineee tad too huge for my frame. Especially with halter-necks! That's why I own very few halters. Hehe! Fashion secret.!

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