Thursday, January 8, 2009

Replies to Tags.

Gem :- Ok, I will wait patiently for those pictures! Vicious cycle? Haha! It's a yearly thing. But can tell that I am not feeding to her needs yea? Cause, ugly people don't have the privilege. So, when's the next clubbing outing??! =DDD

:- I never reply it here mahh! Meeting on Saturday nots?

:- The location is no longer available. It's an old abandon Japanese School at the deeper end of Changi. The last time I went there, which was 1mth ago, there's a board stating that the land is a private property already.. I heard from others, they said, it's currently fenced up. =/

Subwirl :- Yepps. It's on the 13th of July. Lets hope both of us remember to wish each other happy birthday =)

Mario :- Heyy! It's been a long time since I last saw you. How's your wedding photography? Hope you are doing great! We should meet up for a wedding photography next time. =D

Wayne :- Too late ler wor.. Just 1 night of launching the Tagboard. It's filled with tension and anger.

Ger :- Who are youuu? Hahas. Since you said that we weren't in the same class. But, I might know you. Anw, cool to know that you are reading my blog. ^^

J :- Really thank you for putting in words for me. But, I am still wondering about your identity.. Add me in msn alright. Cheers.

Shuen :- I think you shouldn't tag about this anymore. Don't wanna make you involve in this weirdo saga about Hi. Seems like it's making stuff worst. Btw, I am with Rayner for a year already. So, it was 2 years back, I was still using my previous blog then. Anw, I don't think I will be linking you.. Later unnecessary din all about.. Irritating.
Hope you'll understand.

Hi :- You have the same standard of language as Tabi when she first started quarelling with me. It's alright. I think you can benefit here. By learning from the pro.

Tabi :- Offending you? Look, this is my blog, and I don't understand what's your suicide attempt is about. Getting attention from me? Move on with life. And what's the THINGS that you don't want to REST? May I ask? About WHORE SELF, or my FAT LEGS?

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