Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a random picture update..

Admit it, y'all hate CNY don't you?
Y'all find it boring just like me!

I know. =D

-.- Fine, I am just trying to make myself feel better! But needless to say, I am too bored to be true. Especially these few days! The CNY period! Other than the nice food, money and mandarin oranges,.. the NY visiting, giving chimilogy Chinese wishes, the noise, the CNY songs...etc really irks me out!

Worst part's that, Rayner's not free to accompany 24/7. Haish! I was so bored till I resorted to forum chatting. Even that is boring with lil active participants in the thread. zz.

Anw, I transfered few pictures from my phone to comp. Shall share it with y'all. Sorry for unclear pictures, and stuff. Cause I didn't edit it to be clearer. =Z

Enjoy! And, happy NY.

Last Thursday.

Before the photoshoot.
The hairstylist did a great job!
Look damn wild! I like! =D

Last Friday.

Wore formal with my hair up.
OB presentation in school. =)
I think I look damn manly hot in this picture! Hoho!
Can almost imagine those girly girls looking up to me...
Heh heh heh!
(Shall stop before Rayner kills me)


Trained from mum's place to grandma's place with Angela.
I remembered saying," Angel, both of us look very pretty hor?"
So she's like, " Yah lo. Cause Mummy very pretty mah!"
Haha! =))

Earlier today.

Was at Nanny (nai nai)'s place.
I tied my hair up on purpose.
Cause I don't want Nainai to think that I am skinny.
So, tied up hair look slighly fatter than letting em down.
Smart nots?!

Earlier just now but later than the previous.

Lou-ed yu sen at Mummy's.
What a pity Nana left before the "ceremony.
Not lucky le wor~

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