Thursday, January 15, 2009

A moment of darkness. within me.

all pictures credits to Jeremy aka Junggernauth


The above are pictures, taken from last Sunday's photoshoot.
On the theme, Gothic.

I really love the idea, and it's rather fresh, as it's my first time being hired for this theme. Y'all know, the usuals fashion theme shoots are so boring.. Alright, shan't complain since it's a job anyway.

I've decided to do some "behind the scenes", "what happened that day" stuff and a little reflection kindda thing each time I post up modelling pictures. =)

That day was rather awkward for me. I made my way to Fort Canning Park by MRT, which wasn't my usual transport. But due to the arrival of many special occasions, maximum cash availability is rather important.

And because of the theme, thick and dark makeup was required.
Yeah yeah, imagine all those eyes on me, 7am in the packed morning train. =S So I acted cool and emo throughout my journey. -.-!!

Then, I put on my black lippy, and started the shoot.
It was a rather small group of 3 photographers. Easy breezy for me. The good weather was such a bless on that day!! Otherwise, I would be cooked rotten!

(credits to Jeremy)

Then, they decided to bake my back on the pavement. =/
And that was the first time I tear in a photoshoot. Not that they bully me, but because of the glaring sun. Awww, went a long way to get that perfect shot done. =)

Anw, y'all saw the result of the shoot already. How y'all find it?
AND, I love my different moods in the pictures! ^^

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