Monday, January 19, 2009

Overall Evaluation of Mid Sem Results

(p.s. My title sounds damn serious, no? With all the capital letters. Hoho.)

  1. Financial Accounting 2 - 72% B
    I feel, this is a fairly good score to be scored by myself. -smile* But, many scored A in class. Which screams, "You better start pulling up your socks before it's too late!" Loudly to me. -Sulk* I am so going to complete every tutorial from now on.

  2. Business Statistics - 100% Z
    Cheer for me. I am as happy as a little puppy. But! I find getting this score a strike of luck. Not really pure smartness and stuff. The sad case is that, I have a test on this subject first thing tomorrow morning, and I am lousy at the tested topic. =( Ah wells, as it's said, practices make perfection.

  3. Organisational Behaviour - 60% C
    Yes. It is a lousy grade. And I am aware of my ultimate weakness of not being able to memorize stuff. To add on, I am total sucker at knowing HUMANs. I find myself having weird behaviour that doesn't really fall into the taught category. Ahh, this is difficult. =/

  4. MacroEconomics - 83.5% A
    It's my second A! (Given that Z is an A too..) -Grins* But, to be honest, a higher score could be achieved. Nancy scored 99%. Freaking economics genius!! And though my score is higher than my class's average (82%). Eh, it's just 1.5% away lo. -.- The worst part is that, since the start of Sem 2.2, I know nuts about this subject. What have I been doinggggg???!

  5. Managing Business System - 74% B
    Alright. I should pop champagne for getting this score. I did not even study for this subject. It's a no brainer!! But all thanks to Nancy =) , she gave me some stuff to memorise 2hours before the paper. Incredibally, it was put to great use (in the MCQs). Despite that wanting to give up hope till the last hour attitude, this is great marks! =)

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