Thursday, January 22, 2009

A lil update..

I had a very enjoyable day earlier on! =)
Just came back home from a clothing line photoshoot!
People there are fun to work with! I have lots of pictures to share, but not today alright? Haha!

&& my 88 Matte Colours Costal Scents Eyeshadow palette has finally arrive!! Weeeh~!!

Today's a real busy day!
And tonight will be a real busy night!

Things to do include...
  1. Powerpoint slide for Organisational Behaviour presentation's role play
  2. Q-cards for my part in the presentation
  3. Iron formal wear, and fold them nicely into my bag
  4. Practice Financial Accounting 2 for tmr's test
  5. Pack my makeup properly for Saturday's photoshoot


Since it's been quite a no. of entries since you last saw my face,..
now, here you go!~

(pardon for the bad quality.. it's my webcam)

Nights all!

Happy Lunar 牛 Year!!

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