Friday, October 17, 2008

MBS - Tutorial 4 answers

Tutorial 4 - worksheet

They don't keep stock, production planning based on customer's order, they are always improving, eliminating waste by optimizing value.

Just in time delivery, quality.

The culture is to eliminate waste and to always improve.
They are interdependent. Given their culture, if TPS is not there, they will not be able to stop the production, thus unable to stop the defect. Workers must also be interested in improving. The culture must support the system. If the system is available, and no one wants to utilise it, it will be a failure, thus defeating the purposes.

Process orders. The visuals control gives up to minute updates. Managers and workers get accurate support, by getting constant updated status of the equipment.
Johnson control is a supplier of car seats. Location will be neat the factory, as seats are needed every 4hours in the assembly line.
Which indicates that there is a software that allows constant communication between the suppliers and costumers. Toyota also needs intranet and extranet to communicate with the suppliers.

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