Tuesday, October 28, 2008

analysing case studies - MBS

analysing case studies

1. identify the nature of business

2. type of infomation system used - manual / computer based

3. problems? - people (users, customers, suppliers) / technology ( software, hardware, telecommunication, data) / organisation (managment support, heirachy of business processes)

4. solutions

Case study fr TB page 23.

1. Retail

2. Customer demographics
Data on individual store performance
Inventory - shipping times

Stocks movement
Best selling items in each store / location (determining the trends, prices, thus customise the stores' inventories)

3. Market research (interviews, surveys)

4. Everyone related should give necessary feedbacks

5. Customer related data
Price of item for every store location

6. Cater /target to customers' preferences (through store displays / advertisments)
Have more inventories on product people want to buy instead of what the retailer wanting to sell

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