Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Screams : B-O-R-I-N-G-!-!-!

tonight is a real boring night. -pouts.

And I have no intentions to go online, neither do I have any intentions to go chat at the forum.

It's peaceful and cooling,
real nice for an icy cold swim.

Random thoughts about my all time *dream house* along bradell road. Private swimming pool.. Together with an *all purpose hunky servant*. (Alright, I need to add this, preferably Rayner TEH)

Abruptly snapped outta my fantasy. =.=

Enough enough.
Okay, the real reason that I am SO BORED, like, suddenly, it's because, MapleStory was patching since 11pm. All the way to the next afternoon, at 2.30pm.

And yea, you did not read that wrongly, it's the full of mushroom game, MapleStory.
Very loserish, I understand. And I planned to hide it from y'all. But, NAHHH, too bored, and lazy to upload piccys at the same time. Hoh!

If anyone out there is playing MapleStory, and wish to aid me in Eridanus.
Do add, RaynersBabe. (p.s. I am a warrior, and I hate the job)

(p.s.s I lost my quite pro account with lots of scammed A-cash and meso. =..( )
(p.s.s.s I would really appreciate if anyone of you out there are willing to give me freebies)

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