Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little surprise for y'all!

Hi all, sorry for the hiatus. I've been aching to blog (truth)! Was suppose to complete my M5 paper last Friday, but due to the carelessness of my manager's secretary, she didn't booked the slot for me (long stupid story yadah yadah). So I finally got to take the paper earlier on. Yay-ness! I've passed! :) 

So, enough about exams, I have a little surprise to show y'all! 
I wanted to wait till my birthday before showing you guys, but OMG I CANT WAIT! 

So, here it is! Click on the video :)


(and save me from the lecture ^^ )

Ya ya! I got a matching tattoo with my girlfriend! :)

I guess this will fuel comments from people saying that it's dumb/ silly/ rash/ irrational/ etc. Ah well. Honestly, I've thought the same about other couple's matching tattoo as well. Regret; always the first word when associated with matching-couple-tattoos. 

Truth be told, I highly doubt that I will ever regret this. For your info, it is my first tattoo! Significant much yes?! Though I hardly express my feelings for my girlfriend, Canny, on the net (except for those love you, miss you, trendy lovey dovey stuffs), what I really want to say is: - 

It is really awesome that our paths crossed. Gazzilion people on this planet, and we met. She doesn't have the qualities that I would like my partner to have, but yet I love her. She is flawed, yet she made me do stuff that I would never imagine myself doing for anybody. She doesn't give me the sense of security, the worry-free life, the safety net, that I thought it was important. But instead, I want to be the one who make her feel safe when she's scared, pull her when she needs help, and give her all that I can offer. 

Isn't this feeling amazing? 
Well, maybe y'all feel like that everyday, but nope, not for me. It's my first.

This isn't a spontaneous splurge of emotion that I have, that's making me type those words. It have been six months since we're together, and those feelings never changed; even if they did, they only grew stronger. I'm often shy with my emotions, as it portray a sense of weakness, and it feels as though I'm naked. But now no. When it comes to her, I'm not shy to say - that I love her. :) 

I don't know if this relationship is build to last or this love will be forever. 
And that is why I thought of having a matching tattoo, as a pact, to remember those beautiful emotions that we shared. Tattoos are meant for a lifetime, isn't it? Though they might change in colour or even change in shape, but fundamentally, it will always be there. Some memories are created for the moment and soon forgotten. But some are meant to be kept forever. I might not be able to have her forever, or I might not want to have her forever. But for all these amazing memories and emotions she gave to me, I want never to forget them, ever. 

(p.s. Guess you will be seeing quite a lot of videos here.)
(p.s.s. Canny's really good with editing videos from the iPhone. Check back often!)


  1. HBD 诗璇, hope next time we can celebrate our birthday together. Enjoy @ bkk.

  2. both you and your gf so cute!i love the video and i think its really sweet! kept seeing you both at helipad though. :) happen to see your acct on Kacey's fb. and all the best for all your papers!!


  3. Totally born rebellious. ������ reminds me of the 4 tatts I have on myself for close to a year, and my family doesn't know yet.

  4. Does your gf edit the videos via iPhone app or the computer?