Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be a satellite star!

Hello! Hello! I'm actually sitting outside at the CoffeeBean outside Sentosa Beach Station, blogging using my SatelliteM840! Didn't I share about the metallic mirror finish in my previous post (click here if you haven't read)? It's so funny. A couple of beach-goers are starring over at my direction just as I type this. ARE THEY LOOKING AT ME OR THEIR REFLECTION?! Trololol.

Anyway, what better than to start your day being inspired!? I've been talking so much about #SatelliteStar on Twitter lately.

But, what is a Satellite Star, 
and who are the Satellite Stars? 

Well, Toshiba has specially featured 3 Satellite Stars from 3 different countries. And be awed, as they bring you through a journey of hopes and dreams! Trust me, you will never feel the same after watching the coming videos that I gna share with you.


Finding My Own Voice - Tay Kexin (Singapore)

Kexin quitted her corporate job as a brand executive at a local firm to take up singing as a career. Thousand claps for her! She first discovered her passion for singing after joining the NUS Jazz Band. Catch her performing at popular nightspots like, Switch by Timbre (every Thur) and Quarubar (every Fri)!

Show It To the World - Adina (Indonesia)

Inspired by her great grandfather's photos of a traditional Sudanese dance, Adina decided to learn it herself. After mastering it, she went to different studios with a proposal and, after several rejections, began performing on the streets. Adina now tutors young children and anyone interested in learning this long forgotten art.

Art Of Giving - Nattaphon Ong (Thailand)

Ong is an artist. Like what many of us dream for, he get to do what he loves for a living.  He likes drawing about the lives of common people and gifts the drawings back to them. His favourite subjects are people who do the jobs that few others want to do. This is his way of giving, and appreciating these people. To remind them that they are not forsaken.

(Check out Toshiba's Youtube Channel for more videos!)


My favourite has got to be Nattaphon Ong's story. To be able to make your passion your career, and in turn touch others with it. Yes his efforts are little, but isn't the ocean made of many tiny droplets put together? :)

What's my story?
I wish I have a story, that is as inspiring as the featured SatelliteStars, but I don't. But if you'd like to know, here's my story..

So, secondary school was a living nightmare for me. I was public enemy number 1. I started my secondary school life as a shy and quiet kid, who abided by the rules, and spoke a little. Thanks to my gift of good okay looks, I was targeted by school/class bullies. I was pushed over one too many times, cried about school one too many times. But moving forward, I learned to fend for myself, and have a voice of my own. Though there were bumps along the way, I managed to emerge as an alright (I'm just being modest here) young adult! 

Now that I am no longer being bullied, I make sure I don't bully others as well. :) I speak for the weak, give good advices, and never turn a deaf ear when anybody needs my help. I try to inspire, esp to those younger peers with my story - of how I become a butterfly, from that squirmy lil caterpillar. 


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