Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hi my fellow blog readers, that is if there are any left. I have to admit that I am super irresponsible towards my blog the whole of this year. Perhaps priorities have changed, and I've passed the phase of blogging. But I sure do remember the years where blogging was so much fun for me.

I've been so held up with my new relationship and also my new career, especially in the last quarter of this year, I hardly have time for a breather, let alone finding time for my blog. However, once in a while, my thoughts does drift to the days where life was so much less hectic; where my only worry was that if I have an extra pair of fancy coloured contact lens in my cabinet; or if I should buy that similar pair of black heels; or if I should put on eyelash extensions.

My brain then was at a constant idle. To be honest, the only times where I need those extra brain cells was twice a year - during the dreadful examination period. Other than that, it was blah. So, I was super free, patient and all to blog, take pictures, photoshop etc. God, I miss photoshopping pictures!! Haha.

But times have changed, and I decided that it's time to switch my attention and career path into the Finance business. Which was what I wanted all along. Now that I've started at Prudential, working and learning actively for the past 3 - 4 months. I have to say that I love my job! :)

It's not so much about the money I make, and the number of cases I close. It is more of the positive energy that I can leech on from my colleagues, the challenges, the mini competitions, and the vast amount of knowledge that I can acquire. And oddly, I find it so fulfilling to share my knowledge with others.

Anyway, work aside, I also wish that my blog wouldn't die down. Lol?
Guess I shall work on my time management skills (I quite suck at it), and hopefully I can bring this blog with me through 2013.

Last but not least, I want to thank my girlfriend, Canny, for making 2012 such a blissful and memorable year for me.

Have a great weekend, and a very blessed new year!

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