Saturday, December 1, 2012

Date night

A blog post to show appreciation to you, for staying by my side and creating all of the special moments with me. Everything changes as the time goes by, including the love that I had for you. I love you, I love you more, and I love you more and more.

I'm not different, I'm just like any of them out there. But you, made me special. You gave me the something that they don't have; Your love.

Thank you, you'd never fail to make me look forward to "Tomorrow". 
Thank you, for all the xoxo every morning, every night, every day.
Thank you, for letting me in to your heart and gave me a place to stay.

And I hope you enjoyed yourself last night as much as I do! Something that I haven't tell you, You look so beautiful in this dress and that smile on your face.

First day of December, hoping for the best for your production this month! Love love :)


And THANK YOU, for hogging the bed alll the time. !@$^&*^%$@!*&%#


  1. You're soooo sweet to Jocelyn! :D