Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jocelyn 最近比较忙!

Hi all! This is Canny, again! I'm back on Honeyhoneybakedham.blogspot. I guess the title should have already given you an idea of what this entry is about!

So.. Basically Jocelyn has completed her General Insurance papers, and she's taking her next paper on the next Friday, for M5 - Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services.
 Wish her luck on Twitter!!

*Refer back to her previous post on 18th June* 

She finally found a suitable + nice place for her 21st birthday party!! It will be at Copthorne King's Hotel's Executive suite on 7th July (a week before her actual birthday which falls on the 13th July.) And honestly, I sometimes feel that I'm more excited about the birthday, more than the birthday girl herself -.- . Maybe it's because this will be the first birthday that I'm gonna celebrate with her? I just want this to be memorable and fun for her. ^^

Things to do from late June to early July:
  1. Jocelyn will be studying for her papers.
  2. We will brain storming for her birthday theme.
  3. Shop for her birthday decos.
  4. B I R T H D A Y P A R T Y !
  5. Bring her to BKK on her actual birthday.
  6. She'll be really busy with her work and stuffs.

By the way, I'm really sorry to allow this to happen.. I will end this post. Here. Abruptly.
Hahaha, have a good day everyone! :)


  1. bean bag island

    Welcome back to the blogspot world Canny. On your next post hope you attach some pictures cause it's fun watching it.

    1. Will be back with pictures soon! ^^

  2. Hi. I'm a passerby who got curious and googled "Joceyln Kau".

    In any case, I first thought "guy going for looks" when I read the most recent post.

    Then I read further and realized you're a girl. And that a girl probably could get a boyfriend if she put on makeup and went out. And you're not doing that, so you're probably not going for looks.

    Kudos to you. Singapore's not a good place for gays/lesbian, but hopefully tolerance of gender preference will increase over time.