Monday, November 5, 2012


Good evening dear readers! As promise, a post on Halloween. Oh! Just checking if you guys still remember her Halloween on 2010..

HAHAHA! That's her older sister, Fiona on the left. Omg it's so crazy, so fun!!! I've never look forward to Halloween, never once dress up to celebrate this special occasion. But it's different this year! I've Jocelyn to do my make up, and we went to Clarke Quay; Helipad, Zirca, Rebel, PlayHouse to celebrate this year's Halloween. 

For those who never follow Jocelyn on Instagram or Twitter, or for those who followed but not quite sure 'bout are we dressing up like;

Lady Gaga and Rick Genest.

 Instagram pictures;

She's really good in doing make ups, STUDY THE DETAILS ON HER FACE AND NECK! 

Hahahahaha. Sorry about the bad quality of pictures, she didn't bring her camera out that night. And so! this is our Halloween, how was yours?  :)


JUST TO IN CASE, if you guys forget how Jocelyn look after viewing so many of her skull pictures. Hahaha.

Ps: Anyway, hi workaholic baby! Just a reminder, I'm busy thinking about you while you're busy working! Can't wait to see you at night. :)

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