Friday, June 22, 2012

Love of my life

On the 8th of December 2011, I found you. Jocelyn Kau.

Although we've only been together for a short while, but in this short period of time you made me realized how beautiful love can be. "True love had never once come easy", they say. I couldn't agree more, our first problem; Family. And.. I'm really glad that things turned out way better than what we had expected, it's all solved now!

So.. now. I'm gonna tell the entire world, on your blog, how much, I really love you.

Let's bring it back to the start.

Club Play.

I remember every single detail of you. Your eyes, your smile, your outfit, your scent. I know it's a ridiculous place for us to meet, but yeah, I'm glad that I gotta see you there that night.


:) I remember how I blushed and asked for a hug from you. This is the 3rd time we met each other.. And we went to Zirca, Avalon, Attica on the subsequent weeks. Wouldn't deny how fast my heart beat for you. I always needed alcohol to calm myself down, whenever I see you. (You're sexy and we know it ;) )

13 Jan,

Burlesque, a theme party at Avalon. And it's a day to remember, because I finally made you mine!

Some random pictures of us in this past 5 months ++ :)

We went Genting!

Our March, in glance :)

BKK! (With a very fail portrait of us. Lol!)

She might look light and skinny, but trust me, she weighs MUCH more than how she appears to be; in my heart. ^^

A very bad quality Instagram picture of us..

And ta dah! The most recent us. :)

We are 5 going 6 months old, I know it's still early for us to talk about the future..

I don't know about 'forever', but seeing your smile and hearing laughter is all i'll ever need. I just want to be the girl who makes your bad days better. The girl that makes you say, 'My life has changed since I met her.' 

Happiness? Is all that I feel, whenever I'm with you. Thank you for loving me. :)


BY THE WAY!! Dear readers, I'm sorry if all of these are too cheesy for you.. Bear with me! Last picture last picture!

Dear honey sweet pea Jocelyn, I believe you'll be reading this post with me around. So...

It will only take you approximately less than 10 seconds to reach me. Hurry! I'm waiting for your kiss!! ♥

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