Saturday, November 3, 2012

My 9-days in Taiwan with her!

Hi guys, this is Canny! I'm finally here to update on our trip to Taiwannn. It was a WONDERFUL trip for the both of us. Super exciting and ultra memorable experience! We visited most of the "must go places" and ate all of the "must eat food". We actually backpacked our way through Taiwan! 

TaiChung to Nantou to TaiPei
Hotels to Motels
Trains to Buses
Streets to Alley

What are you thinking?! I gained 6kg! (Not exaggerating). 
You can imagine how "their food is from the size of my tummy.

Enough of words! Here's a video I've put together from this trip. Thumbs up and like this video if
you like how epic Jocelyn's face were in the last part of the clip.


 I really enjoy travelling and experiencing all these exciting stuffs with her! 
She's the best travelling mate. She makes me look forward to every trip after.

And oh! Stick around for the next post on Halloween! I'll be updating her blog. 
Have a pleasant Weekend!

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