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Men’s Dressing Styles II - Clubbing Wear

As promised, here's the clubbing wear entry!
Click: Men’s Dressing Styles I - Casual Wear if you haven't read. :)

When it comes to clubbing, what you wear is similar to a smart casual outfit but you need to jazz it up to add a little panache to your look. I have to admit that there are plenty of guys (especially those who are at their earlier twenties and love clubbing) who dress really well. But for benefit of "some of the men" out there who are clueless, I will show you how. :D

Clubbing Wear

[Just Cavalli]

For the top, instead of a mere t-shirt, why not consider getting a long sleeved t-shirt with an interesting pattern? While the picture shown is from Just Cavalli (which can be costly), there are many shops that offer various designs. Alternatively, you can go for shirts with similar prints.

Place to get them: - Man Studio, Natural Project and Options. (Fareast Plaza)
Price range: - From as low as $20!

If you do not plan to dance or if you decide to opt for a quieter evening at a pub or jazz club, why not bring preppy back? Don a sports jacket or a blazer and you would surely turn heads. In fact, you can go for a plain t-shirt underneath and still look great. Preppy is the new sexy!! 

Place to get them: - Topshop
Price ranges: - $80 - $200+

[Nudie Jeans]

As for bottoms, chinos and jeans work just fine. While I have my doubts about wearing cargo pants for clubbing, the Uniqlo ad campaign (2nd picture from the Casual Wear entry) seems to prove that cargo pants still make for a great look. Then again, it is Orlando Bloom who is wearing it.. he can certainly wear anything to a club and no one will say anything.

Guys, never be stingy to spend more on a good pair of jeans. Take some time and shop for a suitable pair, and trust me, it will go a longgg way.

Place to get them: - Uniqlo, Nudie Jeans, Zara and Levi's.
Price range: - $50 - $250+++ 
(Random Fact: Abercrombie & Fitch is coming to Singapore end of this year!!)

 [Brown Brogue Wingtip Boots from Shell Cordovan]

With regards to shoes, you may want to try something different and yet utterly stylish – boots! I know that most of you will groan at the sound of boots as it reminds you of national service but these boots don’t resemble combat boots at all.. in fact it adds a sense of class to your outfit! The only drawback is that these boots are costly. Doc Martens and various other shoe boutiques do carry such beautiful footwear. A word of caution: do not attempt to dance in them unless you want a sprained ankle.

Place to get them: - Aldo and Diesel
Price range: - From $180

So there you have it! Men's Dressing Styles for Clubbing.

These are just some of my humble recommendations to your everyday get-up! 
I think the rule of thumb for the guys out there is not to be afraid to dress up and express who you are! Clothes do make the man and girls dig that!!

Next entry gna be about guys Formal wear.
Do check back brothers!! ^^

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