Sunday, April 17, 2011

041611. Clubbing with Mummy.

This is the first time in my life that I am speedy in blogging about events that happened in my life. I think it's better this way eh? At least the happening hasn't expire or turn stale. 

So, just last night. I brought my mother and uncles to Rebel.
Pretty cool eh? 

So, here are the pictures! Enjoy.

So this is my mother! :)
We kinda look alike irl, but not so much in this picture. Guess it's the hair.
Anyway, she was super happy that everyone thought that she's my sister rather than my mother.

Point to note: This is NOT MrSalty. 

My mum looks really young in this picture. :)

This picture is super EPIC.
It's so funny, I love it!
Jeffery gave me a shock when he carried me w/o warning. lol

Haha. That was an interesting night!
My uncles were too high to be in pictures. So, no picture of them.
Okay, to be honest, this blog entry is to show off how pretty my mother is. Hahaha!!
Now that y'all see her pictures, STOP CRITICISING MY BUNNY TEETH!! :B

Check the [Omg. I like!] box if you want to see more of my mother in my blog!

Randomly, Jeffery said that I grew fatter. :(


  1. sorry but I think your mum will be really happy seeing this..

    I think she GODLIKE PRETTY!

    Small joke.. If You are my GF and it's the first time seeing your mum.. I will be like... turn my head towards you and say "Will you be my daughter instead?"

  2. Hahaha! That is a nice one!! Thankyou, on my mum's behalf. :))

  3. yes your mum is really pretty! like mi xue !

  4. Yea. She looks very much like Mi Xue. I'm glad to get parts of her genes! :DD Thanks!

  5. Awesome! Your mum is so hot, look like end 20s!
    No wonder your so pretty too :D -K-