Sunday, April 3, 2011

031611. Zirca + dark makeup don't suit me at all.

Hi, here's another clubbing kinda blog entry. 
(You know, I can't really decide if you people like it or not. I know that it's brianless and boring, but the blog hits are the highest when I blog these. )

Anyway, before the picture spam, I shall talk a little about that night.
It finally got to me that I can't click with dark makeup. That was a bad makeup day (or rather, night) for me. I get complimented alot (sorry bhb-ness going on here), and asking how I do my makeup, why do I always look pretty, poreless etc. But truth be told, THAT is not true at all. I have bad days too. 

I think the key is to find a type of look that suits you, stick to that, and work from there.

Sweet young things + me.
Damn, I am seriously feeling old (despite the fact that I've yet to hit the big 2!)
See that girl holding her hair. CUTE MUCH! I was once that cute, I swear! :(

As mentioned, I was looking ugly that night, hence the lack of pictures.
I will blog about the more recent party nights in the next couple of days!
I swear I look better. :( 

(I'm off to Celestechen's 21st BD party!)


  1. i think u still look the best among the SYT..

  2. Haha, thanks Mr Nice Guy. You are always so nice!