Monday, April 4, 2011

10 cents for my camera, please?

Hey all. Never expect me to be updating this quickly right? I know I am usually slow.
Anyway, I just got back from Celeste birthday party at One degree Fifteen, on the yatch. It was super cool + super fun. But I shall leave that for another blog entry.

Anyway. Something super freaky happened at the last 30mins before I left the party! 
And I shall share it with you people!!

So basically, I couldn't find my camera when I was about to leave. But most of us there were affirmative about seeing it on the carpet we were sitting on. But nevertheless, we search the whole 3 levels of the yatch, under the sofa, everyone's bag, cabinets, you name it, we searched it..

So here comes the ten cents part.
Yutaki suggested that we should throw a coin into the sea, asking "the playful one" to return the camera to us. And I tell you this, the camera magically appear in a glass display cabinet under the basement stairway within two minutes or so after a brave friend of mine threw the coin in the sea. 

Creepiest part?
Tomorrow (April 5th 2011) is Chinese Qing Ming aka Tomb-sweeping day.

(Area to digest)



  1. Lol, don't attribute it so readily to the supernatural. Most of the time, it's because we are prepared to make those association that they become more accepted as the cause (look up 'priming' on wikipedia or something). Afterall, the brothers and sisters don't have a use for the money of this world, right?

  2. Are you sure its not a prank by friends?

  3. I am 100% sure that it wasn't a prank by friends. Everyone was searching high and low, and EVERYWHERE for that camera. It was too much for a prank. We actually moved all the furniture!

    -dash- , I didn't take the coin throwing thingie seriously, and was almost close to giving up. But well, sometimes logic proves us wrong..

  4. wow so creepy..u shd try this again during the ghost mth..