Friday, April 29, 2011

Paint KL red with me - Part2 [Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge]

I finally found some time to blog!
This week was super busy for me. I was helping MrSalty with some business restructuring blahh.. 

If the title isn't obvious enough, this entry is a continuation of
Paint KL red with me - Part 1
Click to read if you haven't!

Okay so, the "previous night" was super dope. And given the hardcore long hours of clubbing, most of us were tire out the next day!! (Pardon me for the lack of pictures as we were rushing to get ready, have food, and what not most of the time.) The girls were treated to superb massage at is Chinese massage parlour called 良心.

They focus on Chinese 推拿.
I can't really tell you if it is good or not as it differs from massues to massues. 

After massage + late lunch,
we have to CHIONG back to the hotel room wash up and be ready for the night in 1hr!
3 girls 2 toilets 1 hour = not enough!

We had dinner at Werner's.
I think I look super tired here. :( I can't do party two nights in a roll. Baa.

And as usual, food porn! :)

I'm sorry.
I don't have fancy food names to share with y'all. :(
I forgot to take a picture of the menu. zz

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge was held at,
Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines Resort City.

The DJ who spun at the event was, in sequence:
DJ Faith (Malaysia), DJ I-Tek (Hong Kong), DJ Sophia Lin (USA), DJ Bento (Japan)

Showing off my eye makeup. :)

This necklace is our "VIP entry passes". So pretty!

Trying to smoke Cigar.

This is the other blogger - Darren.

That's all for the night!!
My camera died shortly after. No more pictures to share with y'all! :(

But I got to say that this sponsored trip to KL was an enjoyable one! :)
3days2nights was just nice a break from Singapore to party and bond with new people!

Seeyou at the next entry!

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