Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Men’s Dressing Styles I - Casual Wear

With the inaugural Men’s Fashion Week underway, I’d thought I would devote a couple of entries to the topic of men’s fashion. My first impulse was to present some of the best picks from the leading labels but most men neither buy the latest trends nor change clothes every 6 months unless necessary.

Hence, it is wiser to inform my male readers (which is a good 40% of my total blog readers) on the classic styles available and how they can work around in to add their own personal touch. In this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on casual wear for everyday activities and stuff that you can wear as you suave your way through the clubs.

Casual Wear

Being stylish does not need to be tagged with a heavy price. In fact, I’d admire men with great fashion sense that can look great with mid-range fashion to those from leading fashion houses. The trick is really to stick to the basics. Rather than describing it to you just take a look at the following picture.

[Banana Republic]

For tops, you should wear something that is comfortable (and it does not mean a singlet!) and appropriate for the event or the activity that you are going to take part in. Hence, it can range from an interesting printed t-shirt to polo t-shirts or even short sleeve shirts.

Place to get them: - anywhere from Bugis Street to Bossini to Topman.

[Uniqlo Chinos/ Cargo campaign]

For bottoms, you certainly cannot go wrong with chinos, cargo pants and jeans. Having its roots in the military, chinos and cargo pants not only makes one look presentable but it also oozes a strong sense of masculinity when worn properly (Point to note*: chinos are to be ironed). Jeans have a similar effect since it was initially intended to be what labourers would wear. The added advantage is that it now comes with a plethora of cuts, patterns and colours to express who you are.

Place to get them: - Uniqlo
Price range: - $50-$70.


As for the hotter days, one can choose tailored shorts or bemudas. Again, as with various clothing, Bermudas do come in all sorts of patterns. However, it must be said that Bermudas should not be worn to theatres or hotels and similar kinds of places!!

Place to get them: - leading departmental stores such as BHG or Metro
Price range: - $23 - $40.


The modern man has a range of footwear to choose from.
A popular option with guys is the loafers, boat shoes and sneakers (note that slippers or flip-flops are not included major fashion faux pas!!). Again, this is really up to your tastes. However it must be noted that generally lighter brown colours [do not match] black bottoms!!!

Place to get them: - Beetlebug, Aldo and Timberland
Price range: - $70 - $100+++ 


I wish this entry is helpful.
You girls can get some inspirations and gift ideas for your father / brother / male friends! 
(Do away with car accesories, and PS3 games! *guilty*)

And hopefully, you guys (older men esp) will stop being shy and wear something nice!

Next entry gna be about clubbing wear.
Do check back!

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  1. always good for a female to guide on the style for a guy. nice! will be looking forward for the next post. =)

  2. Looking forward to the clubbing wear entry,actually I would recommend guys to go for Topman stuff as it's simple,stylish and most of it's cutting are suitable for asian which are smaller in size like me

  3. Yep! Topman is good. :) I mentioned it at the [Place to get them] section. I don't know much about fashion and all, :) but I wish this to be helpful! ^^