Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paint Kuala Lumpur red with me - Part 1


As many of you probably already know from Facebook/Twitter that I was sponsored by Johnnie Walker on a trip to KualaLumpur. Together with bloggers Celestina, YeeKit and Darren, plus a crew of media people from the FM etc, to grace the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011. 

Upon alighting the 45mins flight from Singapore to KL, we took a 45mins bus ride to Ascott Hotel.
(p.s. That's MsVendetta at the background.)

*note - random snippets of camwhore pictures will just appear out of no where*
*just pardon me alright?*

The place we stayed was brilliant! Kit, Celestina and I had the whole apartment to ourselves! Ascott holds the concept of a service apartment. By that I mean a hall area, 2 huge bed rooms, 2 huge ass bathrooms, a kitchen, and a dining area for just the three of us.

Honestly, I am quite embarrassed with bombarding y'all with senseless pictures of myself.
But I thought that the lighting in the bathroom was great.
So, bear with me eh.

After touring our mega huge hotel area, gossip chitchat and stuff,
we rushed to get ready for dinner (at Hakka Republic) and partying (at Zouk).

That's me wearing my FAVOURITE RED MARYJANES.
I haven't been wearing it for a while until this trip as the strap broke.
I got it fixed at FEP - $10.

(p.s. I look super lanky I know right, tyvm. I am born with long limbs, like monkeys.)

So we were just sitting around taking pictures, while waiting for our Alphard to come pick us.

Randomly, there is this thing about my hair that I need to rant about.
My fringe can't sit side after I styled it centre in the morning unless I wash my hair again. which is super troublesome! :(

So, as mentioned earlier, the dinner that they prepared for all of us was at this place called the Hakka Republic. It's this atas place located about 10 minutes drive from Ascott Hotel.

The ambiance as well as the food was fantastic.
Many of you should know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE taking pictures of food. :)

Sorry if you are reading this at the wee hours of the night where ready food is scarce. But beware, the pictures are so going to make you hungry.

amuse bouche

starter - timbale of broccoli with fresh king prawn & caviar mayo

appetizer - smoked salmon gateau tobiko & mizuno

soup - cappuccino of shrimp bisque


main course - 
baked miso marinated black cod with braised baby kailan & sesame dressing

This is FUCKING TASTY, it deserves two pictures.

dessert - strawberry pavlova

I have to admit that the food at Hakka Republic is super tasty!!!
I don't know the price though as the menu was pre-arranged. If you are the kind who love slow dinners,
do try this place out!

We took a little drive, and arrived at the hottest night spot in KL.

It was the 8th of April,
and Velvet Underground was banging with Ken and MC Point Blanc!

I know I look a little weird in this picture (I think it's the angle),
but this is the only picture I have showing off my bared back. :(

One of my favourite drinks - Malibu Pineapple

Maggie and I


This is not MrSalty.

That's all for the first day of the KL trip. :)
Do check back for more updates!



  1. Great event by Johnnie Walker, at least they chose Zouk which is Kuala Lumpur's hottest party spot.

  2. hey hun which cam do you use here? (:

  3. @furnished office rental, nope. I think you'd misread my entry. This wasn't the Johnnie Walker event! This was a night before. :) I will be blogging about that event end of this week. So, wait up! :D

    @hazelhearts. Hi babe!! It's Samsung PL150, nothing fancy.

  4. that's john langan right?

  5. I had a bottle of malibu rum, have yet to try it..I saw the coconut words, im kinda freak weird leh!Coconut.:D

  6. Try try! It's super sweet!! You will like it! But don't take too much at a time, will become jelat!