Thursday, April 7, 2011

Men’s Dressing Styles III - Formal Wear (Part 2)

Formal Wear - Suit

The suit is definitely one of the most exhausting aspects to talk about due to the different cuts, styles and materials. While wearing a suit in Singapore is usually reserved for the executive positions or it is part of your uniform (concierge services), I feel that men should not be afraid to wear one even if they are middle management level.

In lay terms, there are basically two types of suits: Single and Double Breasted. To tell the difference, just look at the following pictures:

[Single Breasted Suit from Armani] and [Double Breasted Suit from Gucci]

There are no rules on whether if one type is acceptable or not. But it seems that double breasted suits are not as common as the single breasted ones. With regards to the colour and patterns of the suits, it is really up to one’s taste though it is said that lighter colours such as beige are for informal events.

Place to get them: - major departmental stores such as Robinsons or Metro
Price range: - $200+

For those with deeper pockets, you can easily get any of those from the leading brands or from boutiques such as T.M. Lewin in which the sky is the limit when it comes to their price range.

For the discerning gentlemen, you can consider tailoring as nothing looks better than something customised to your unique dimensions. I always thought that tailoring can sometimes be an excessive luxury for the majority of the population but my opinions changed when I saw Mr. Salty’s handsome collection of tailor-made shirts which only cost him < $50 per shirt! It really fitted so well that it really brought out a sense of class and style to him!

(He had the nicer ones done at Thailand. The ones that he tailor made in SG doesn't really fit that well. Hmm. So guys, if you were to visit the land of smiles, so tailor make a couple of shirts and suits. You can have them mailed to you when they are done!)

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  1. advice where we can tailor make shirt in thailand?

  2. Hmm, I'll ask MrSalty and get back here!! I am not too sure where he did it.

  3. thanks! any advice from MrSalty on where will be good for us to tailor make shirt in Singapore also?