Sunday, December 27, 2009

Very first visit to Nana.

[11 Dec]

Ribboned up my hair that day..
Realised I've been carrying the minimal makeup look for quite awhile now.
I need only 4 makeup item.
Concealer, foundation powder, blusher and eyebrow powder.

Met up with the dudes, and went Nana.
As much as I seem to hang out alot at Thai places,
honestly, I'm at Sabai most of the time.
Nana was really pretty! Will the festive deco and all.

Really enjoyable! =)
First nights out after I stopped for exams.
Oh, I did hop over Sabai to meet up with the girls,
but everyone was too high on liquor to take pictures w me.

Anyway, Daryl took this shot of me.
Which is total candid.

Tell me honestly,
is this how I look on a daily basis when y'all call out to me?!

God this is CLASSIC.

To see the rest of the picture from this day, click : 121109. Nana Sabai

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