Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 3 at work! =)

I have many many Ferrero.
*insert very big smile*

Came to work at 11am.
It's considerably early judging that I came work after lunch the previous days.
Continued my data entry from yesterday.

And I typed, cut and printed tiny rectangles of : -

those and slowly pasted them at the corner of 30 envelopes.

Both my boss and I are very meticulous people.
So, to please both myself, and him, I paste the paper at 1inch by 1inch away from the border of the envelope.

By the way, in the corporate word, it's courtesy to write X'mas cards to colleagues and clients! That's something new for me. But it's really nice, festive and all to see the whole office writing X'mas cards together! =)

And that pretty much sums up all that I did today. Lol!


Btw, what's the curvy word under the Ferrero?


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