Monday, December 14, 2009

First time working in an office!

Honestly, despite starting to work parttime at a relatively young age, and have quite an exciting list of past jobs experiences. I have never work in an office before. So, earlier today was my very first! =)

I have to say that it's quite an experience. Though I have a considerably demanding (yet charming) boss, but all thanks to the few parties I hosted at ButterFactory, and the reservations I made for them at Rebel, I am very well looked after at the work place. Hehs.

Oh, after blabbering so much, I am actually working as a personal asisstant. So, basically, I do everything from picking up the pens, to photocopying stuff, sending emails, and call people for his private matters. Booboo. But he pays really well, so nah, no complains just yet.

Works at 10am. No partying tonight!

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