Sunday, December 6, 2009

New blog banner! =)

Before having this blog, I used to host my blog at another free domain.
I remembered the joy I had when I change my blog banner weekly.
But life is too busy these years till I have no time to do anything about
that banner.

Well well, there it is!

Like it like it? I thought it's really nice! Heh! Olrights, I got to start studying.
First paper is tomorrow! I can't wait to finish all papers and start my holidays.
Omg, CHRISTMAS shopping! So many presents to prepare! =) ~
Oh, did I not tell y'all? I got a holiday job in an office. Heh. That's really something
new as compared to all the events/modeling and stuff. Got to get the most outta it!

Till then! Mua~

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