Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I lost my wallet - for real!

I recalled twittering about my lost-of-wallet-but-might-be-in-my-friend's-car post few days back. Think it was a last Wednesday. Apparently, it wasn't in my friend's car, which means, it's lost for real! *insert big sad face*

Damage assessment

1 x Gianna Versace wallet

1 x Identity Card

1 x Matric card
(This is not my card, I got it from google image. Lol)

1 x Tertiary student ez link card with $20

6 x different movie ticket stubs.
Hurhurhur... =(

1 x My sister's Body Shop member ship card

1 x Sentosa Islander card

2 x keys

4 x $10 note

1 x Durex Comfort condom

1 x Durex Extra Safe condom

and some other stuffs that are not that important.

I should have poked holes on the condoms and
which ever bastard that picked up my wallet,
will use it and have sex.
Thinking that it's SAFE.
Too bad it's not and
get some STD infection,
or get the girl pregnant!


But too bad I did not. zZz..
I need a new wallet. Hur =.(

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