Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There was this night,..

I kinda got drunk.

For those who have ever been out drinking with me. Y'all will probably know, that I'll never get drunk. Not that I am an amazing drinker, just that I stopped before being gone. Lol! Apparently, well, that night, I was too happy, and got drunk.

[24 Oct 09]

So, it's one of the Saturday Fresh event at SocialHouse. And, miraculously, I was really happy before drinking much. Laughs! I remember telling all my friends, "Damn, someone must have drugged my drink. I am too happy for no reason."

But before heading down to SocialHouse. I met up with Celeste to help her use her SuperDogs $20 voucher. We were so good that we ordered the exact $20 worth of food! Haha! I am such a good finance student (Fine, I think I was just lucky).

Damn good!

$1.20 icecream.

Did abit of shopping at Forever 21 to hunt for the purrfect dress for Celeste's Eart. But, it was too rush, and we ended up not getting anything. And so, the night went on with alot of photo taking, drinking, dancing and merry making at the Fresh event.

(Do note that the pictures are out of sequence. I ripped them off my friend's facebook albums. Haha, it's for keep sake alright?!)



Nick got us horns from night safari! Lol!
But I didn't wear it throughout, and most party goers would know, waiters and waitresses at SocailHouse wear lited horns.


The Vibe Party Girls were doing the beer bong that night. =)

Y'all must be thinking who is that random person in the middle eh?
Apparently, that night was his bachelor party. And his friend requested all of us to give him a kiss. Which we did. Laughs!!

Lots of group shots. Left to right.
Audrey, Gillian, Apple, Cherre, Celeste and myself.
Check out Cherre's sexy top!

Erm. Apologise for the scandalous act at the left.


Love this picture to bits!! I look so smitten yea?!

(Note, my boots slid down.)
Scream scandalous!!!!

Winnie kissed me so much till her lipstick mark when out of my lips.
*insert shy face*

Audrey and I were obviously high.

AND THEN, we headed over to Club Sabai Sabai.
And I freaking forgot what happened there.
So stunned when I saw those pictures. Haha. It's like absolutely zero recollection.

Som! =) She was one of the performers at Sabai.
Apparently, they went back to Thailand already. (Work permits or regulations stuff?)
But will be back 6mths later! ^^

Eh! That's Kheng Yang at the corner. =.=
Didn't notice it till now. Told you I was drunk!

Winnie is SO CUTE here!

Why was Apple holding my head as though im her lover!!?!!?

After taking pictures with Som that night,..
I went around drinking with my other friends and saying hi to new people..
And then,..


How dangerous!

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