Tuesday, November 3, 2009

*Pushing open the heavy glass door.. *

Receptionist, "Yes? What happened to you?"
Me, "Erm, I am balding.."

I know there's a certain bit of humour for most of you out there. Go on and laugh behind the screen! But I am seriously serious about my "condition" alright? It's just a small bald spot, that isn't really visible to most people. But, I consulted the doctor just awhile ago.

I did a little bit of research from the internet and turns out that I am "suffering" from,

Alopecia Areata

No joke alright. Frowns. Anyway, it is seen as a circular bald spot. Argh, totally depressing alright?! I just turned 18 few months back, and now, with a blink of an eye, I am balding. (Eh, actually, it does sound a little bit funny! Laughs)

Well, that's the ridiculously annoying SPOT, that's just an eyesore, and "brainsore" to me!! It damn weird. It somesort of magically appear. There's no pain, no itch, no whatsoever. That SPOT was first sighted yesterday noon.

BUT, heh heh, just in case y'all want to call me Jocelyn the balding baked ham. You wish! Hur! *Nonchalantly swipe the rest of my long voluminous hair*

Quoted from a related website,

"In 90 percent of the cases involving alopecia areata,
hair grows back on its own and no treatment is needed."

And, quoted from another related website,

"The vast majority of people who get alopecia areata are healthy
and do not need blood tests or further medical evaluation."

See see? Healthyyy! I am not malnourished, sickly, or weak alright?! In fact, it's just my misbehaving white blood cells and auto immune system. =/

Quoted from yet another website,

"Since the hair follicles are not damaged,
hair loss is never permanent."

The doctor gave me some sort of a steroid cream thing called, Betamethasone Cream, to be applied thinly, 2 times a day. Damn, I already applied like, 2 times tonight. =.=

Quoted from one of the yet another website,

"Generally steroids reduces inflammation.
In the case of alopecia areata,
steroids are used to stop the immune cells from destroying hair follicles."

So, fret not!!
I will be hairy and happy soon very soon! =D

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