Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rebel baby! =)

(p.s. I really really wanted to blog about Halloween. But facebook kept refusing my album upload. Insert very disappointing face. Meanwhile, enjoy this album!!)

[13 Nov 09]

It was a Friday! =) And thanks to Raymond ^^, I managed to get 25people into the Vip cage in Rebel. Heh! Didn't really take much pictures, simple because, I only knew 10 people out of the 25.

This is Melvyn.
Derek says we look alike. Yes?

What an unwilling face he gave.
I questioned him, and he said that was just a sign of camera shy.

Not bad huh?
Where did all my modeling assignments go? Haha!

I was learning how to shuffle.
Which explains myself looking horrendously short, with a hoodie!

Bumped into Kenrrick and all at Zirca. Which is right next to Rebel.
Oo. Ram-bounce (Haikal) was working there, didn't manage to take a picture with him.
Haha, he was all stern and straight-faced. FUNNY.

Ben Wong!!! =D
There's a funny picture of him in this album. (That I shan't post it here.)

Their friend #1.

Their friend #2
He's from Taiwan.
*raise eyebrows 4 times*!

I remember how I used to have this huge crush on a Taiwan boy from my secondary school.
Haha. Those were the days man. Eyecandies, being innocent, girly and all.

I know everyone knows him.
Heh. How cute.

That's Audrey's very very brown hair.

Baey! =)
He is a magician! Cool yes?!

Girls girls.

They were at Supperclub before heading down to Rebel.
So, they were kinda late.
But, the first thing they do after hugging me was...

To eat chicken wings!

But honestly,
Rebel's chicken wings are good!!!

Oh, I just recalled, Shuana was with us too. Just that her contacts were giving her problem, that's why she didn't take pictures with us. Pitypity. All right, that's about it. I shall end this entry with a very mean thing that we did. I am so sorry Baey, for not telling you since the minute you stepped into Rebel. LOLLOLLOLL!

Laughs!!! =DD

Yepps! And that's it!

To see the rest of the album, click : 111309. Rebel.

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