Friday, November 27, 2009

New update about FRESH @ Wave House Sentosa

Hey all!

Guess most of you have many questions about the party of the year,
FRESH @ Wavehouse Sentosa
this coming Saturday yes?


  1. It's a mixed aged party,
    so there's no age limitations!

  2. Party starts as early as 4pm.

I will be at Wavehouse Sentosa at 4+pm.
Call/text me and I'll come to the entrance to hand the free entry passes to you babes!
Seeya tomorrow!


  • 400PM DJ FM & TeCh 1 on the Mic (Spring Break Contests)
  • 530PM DJ Andrew T
  • 600PM CyberJapan
  • 730PM 98.7 on Stage
  • 800PM Che’Nelle, DJ Moto, & Joe 275
  • 1000PM - Late DJ FM & TeCh 1 & CyberJapan (Spring Break Contests)

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