Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Advertorial - Glam Chic Bling

As the title suggest, we are talking about the Bling-blingz now!
Nowadays, it's more common than not to spot babes with blinged gadgets. Like phone with pearls, ipod with flowers, and camera with gems.

Customization is the key.
But, not all of us have the patience to sit down for a couple of hours straight to STICK STUFFS at our gadgets right? Well, here's someone we can all turn to, if you wanna get your phone blinged!


The offer blinged casing to your phone upon requests!
Like, taking myself for instance.. I told them I am using a LG Viewty, and the rough idea of how I want the blings to look like. They are really quick in their work, and snap snap,.. few days and I have the postman knocking at my door! ^^

(Click to have a larger view at the picture)

This is the sponsored casing that they did it for me. ^^
When they asked me what type of design do I want for my handphone bling,
I was thinking,..
"Since everyone is having crystals for their gadgets, why not I try something different?"
So, I chose to have my phone look like a cake!

Advantages of this handphone bling is that, it looks really tasty and extremely "diao" in front of most people. It's unique and so far, I've yet to see anyone else holding any phones that look like a cake.

But the bad thing about this is that,.. it made my rather slim phone fatter. And a little more bulky. It's not really that ideal to stuff it into your tiny clutch that you would bring to the clubs. But well,.. since the blings are on your casings,.. You can always remove it and placed it back when you feel like it!

Awesome sponsor babes!! Mua~

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