Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being inspired is not great enough, you got to be motivated.

Few days back, I was reading some comments off my friend’s (Deep Chia) Facebook wall, and I thought what he said was really inspirational. So, I left a comment, saying that I was inspired. Instead of the convention reply, like “awww..” or “thank you”, he said he rather to motivate, than to inspire. THAT, to me is impressive. Never thought that a 20yo would say that. How smart, witty, and grown-up, and just like his name – Deep.

Sidetrack a little. I was motivated to pack my room and fold my comforter every single day ever since my other friend (Melvyn) said a passing comment, "Courtesy starts from home". I think he is absolutely right. Courtesy is an excellence of manner, good social conduct, and being respectful and all. If I am not treating my home right, how am I ever going to treat others and myself right? Yes? Big smile. ^^ Well, even if it doesn't link, at least my room is neater.

Enough of that, back to being inspired.
Anyway, do you all agree that, whenever you read/watch/see/hear something inspirational, you will have the sudden adrenaline rush and drive to do something likewise? I don’t know about the majority, but I do. It’s funny. It’s like a sudden urge to be a better man, to break all obstacles, and.. you get the drift yea? I guess that’s the purpose of the people who make inspirational movies, and write inspirational article and books yes?

Just few hours back, I watched an inspiring movie – The Express (2008) by Gary Felder (rented DVD)
It’s about a black guy, Ernie Davis, who played football. And you guys know how inspirational stories go. Likewise, The Express is like the others. Davis was bullied when he was a kid, the whites hated the blacks, he loves running, start playing American football, got spotted by a coach, meet multiple difficulties, had breakthroughs, win awards, (Okay he died at the age of 23 because of an illness. The movie didn’t show it, but it wiki-ed it).

Sounds boring from the way I narrate it yea? But no lo, it was awesome! Now I wanna play football too!

Laughs. I think it’s always the case. You know, it was a school program in my Secondary school to make us watch inspirational movies which are Arts related during “music” lessons. Movies like, Billy Elliot, Bring it on and many others were played. I remembered, at that point, I wanted so much so much to attend dance classes again. And, I did go home and reprimanded my mother for stopping my ballet classes. Haha.

Just few days back, I was reading this book about Entrepreneurship. (Despite partying, which is deem as kinda useless, I did do useful stuff alright?) Though it was for my essay that I have to write, but I feel so inspired to really, read about starting businesses, having thoughts of starting businesses.. etc. I think it’s good, such thoughts are healthy!

Well, I feel that whatever we see and hear on a daily basis makes a difference in our lives. Be it a teeny or a vast difference, it’s up to nobody but ourselves. It was a casual remark made by Apple last week when we were chatting in the steamroom, when I was revisited with this quote. “We only live life once.” She’s right. I heard and read it before, but I was too young, either that, or I merely forgot. But now, I try to keep remembering it. ^^ We only live life once, of course we want the best for ourselves, and people we love.

I feel so happy now, I swear.
I shall end this entry with this quote by T.E. Lawrence.

All men dream but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds
wake in the day to find that it was vanity;
but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men,
for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.
T.E. Lawrence

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