Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rock ur body w Jocelyn Kau (Vibe Parties) first Wed night of 2011 @ Zirca!

After taking a long break off the internet to focus on my school stuff, I'm so glad to say that I am finally done and over with school. I wouldn't say that I am confident to score well, but I highly doubt that I will fail. But for a "just in case" kinda circumstances, I did not throw my notes away. Boohoo.

So, let's get started with life!

Rock ur body with Jocelyn Kau (Vibe Parties)
first Wed night of 2011 @ Zirca!

(Click to see the details on my event page)

I know this is super back dated,
but we shouldn't let these beautiful pictures go to waste yea?

Alrighty, more pictures [here].

Just to keep y'all updated, I am back to hosting parties and giving out invites with Vibe Parties!
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P.S The upcoming party would be this coming Wed (9 Mar).

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