Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My favourite bands - Ft. Paramore, Boyce Avenue and The Hush Sound

If you have been following my recent posts, you will realise that I have been revealing a little more of my personal likes to you guys. Well, if you did notice that then kudos to you as that is what I’m trying to do. So the next thing on the menu is.. my favourite bands!

And they are (in no particular order): Paramore, Boyce Avenue and The Hush Sound!
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Paramore (www.paramore.net)

Formed in 2004, this band has certainly gone from strength to strength in a short span of a few years! Songs such as Only Exception, Emergency, Hallelujah, Misery Business and Playing God have won legions of fans all over, including yours truly! Its popularity is certainly hard to ignore as Glee made a cover of Only Exception in one of the episodes. In fact, it has recently been awarded “Favourite Rock Band” at the People’s Choice Award.

It is hard to classify the genre of music that this band plays. But the best that I can come up with would be indie/ alternative rock. Such difficulty in classifying them is because they defy branding by putting out songs that are varied which testifies to their versatility. What I love about them is their honesty and how true to life their songs are. Great stuff!

Boyce Avenue (www.boyceavenue.com)

This Puerto Rican-American band formed by the three Manzano brothers (Daniel, Alejandro and Fabian) in 2004 is an absolute treat! Their YouTube channel is a much needed retreat whenever I want something quieter and contemplative to listen to. What makes them special is that they let their music do the talking. No wild costumes and crazy behaviour needed to get attention. Rather, their simple and clean image makes them attractive which goes to show that less is really much more.

They do make fantastic acoustic covers of popular songs to boot (from what I know, they kinda "started" from Youtube) which is why I am so glad that Daniel didn’t become a lawyer (yes, he’s a Harvard Law School graduate! Hotness TTM!!) and chose to form a band with his brothers! What is Boyce Avenue short of one of the Manzano brothers?

The Hush Sound (www.thehushsound.com)

2004 should certainly be named the year of good music as this favourite band of mine is also formed in the later part of that year! The band, which was founded by Greta Salpeter (trained in classical piano) and Bob Morris (rock is preferred musical genre), is one of my favourites due to their distinct sounds. It is interesting to note how their songs are either light and catchy or quiet and reflective.

 For those songs that are light and catchy such as “Honey” and “Medicine Man”, I love how the band does not take itself too seriously and deliver songs that really brighten up my day with its quirkiness. As for the quiet and reflective songs such as “Lighthouse”, I love the ethereal quality to Salpeter’s voice as it compels us to think about the message of the song and throw us into a rather surreal atmosphere.

Who knew that a collaboration between a classically trained pianist and a rock trained guitarist could be a such a great mix? If you are looking for new stuff produced by the band, unfortunately all you will hear is a hush sound (pun and lame joke intended) as they are taking a hiatus to pursue individual musical interests. In the meantime, check out the discography that is out!

So what are some of your favourite english bands?
Leave a comment and share 'em with me!

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  1. luv paramore and boyce avenue too and many many more...too much to list out !!