Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My top 3 favourite reality shows!

What do these three shows above have in common? They are a total distraction for me during exams!!! So if my grades do not turn out well, you know who to blame! Laughs :D

It’s interesting how people like watching reality shows. The main thing about them is that it is supposed to show the personal lives of celebrities or contestants which is often unlike the reality of our lives.. so what makes them so special?

For me, I watch them for a couple of reasons. The first reason I watch these shows is that it entertains me.. While I’m not silly to think that whatever is on tv is totally natural and unplanned, I still love the craziness of the Kardashians (and did I mention how sexy Kim Kardashian is?!!), the overly-drama Kimora and the lovey-dovey squabbles of Giuliana & Bill (I’ll just call them G & B.) Watching them takes my mind off the stresses of life. Now that my exams are over, it helps me to really relax and enjoy my freedom!

The second reason and I guess the more important reason for me, is that I just love the "human-ess" (is there a better word than this??) of it all. While these celebrities’ lives may seem totally glamorous and exciting, at the end of the day, they are really like us and do face the same ups and downs like what normal heartlanders do.

Watching these moments on tv, such as G & B’s struggle to have a baby, the family love between the Kardashians and the humorous moments Kimora has when she tries to deal with her children, allows me to share the common "human experiences" with them..

Sidetrack a little. My gfs and I are super animated people. And we often joke about how our lives should be film into a reality show. Honestly, we are a bunch of super funny people. Corny / bitchy / overthetop / crazy / awwww / bimbotic / etc stuffs are sure to happen at least once every hour when we are together. Haha!! And I really like it that none of us are shy to LAUGH OUT LOUD. You girls know who you are. LOVE!

So there you have it, my top three favourite reality shows! Just in case you are wondering, I watch them on the Entertainment Channel. Channel 441 on cable TV. Damn, to think of it, I haven't got the chance to spend quality time with my TV set since the start of work. :(

What are your favourite reality shows? 
Why do you watch them? 
Drop me a line in the comments section! 
Would love to hear from you!!


  1. I watch those shows too! I agree that they're a huge distraction especially when studying for exams.