Monday, March 21, 2011

2 interesting websites that you should know about!

As we are all technological savvy people (you have to be since you are able to read this blog), I’ve decided to share with you two interesting websites that I have come across recently. While the most common picks for interesting websites are about popular topics about technology or fashion or even popular blogs, I’ve decided to do something different and introduce websites that may not have the best design or whatever.. but they sure can be useful in one way or another.

1. Musicovery 
This is a great website that I often turn to when I’m in need of some music to accompany me while doing some work. It is an internet radio that helps you discover music. Sometimes, while we have our favourite choice of music, we may prefer a mix of different genres just to keep things interesting.

The nice thing about this internet radio is that you choose the kind of mood you want your music to have and they will generate a playlist that is of different genres that share the same kind of mood. This does help in allowing you to discover new music (that’s why it’s called musicovery – music discovery)

I think whoever created this website must have come across the situation in which he/she wants to listen to a kind of music but really can’t be put into words.. Hence, the scale of energetic to calm and dark to positive. They also have an iPhone app for it to boot! The bad thing about this website is that it does not play on forever but once the list of songs is done. You have to click on another mood to make it play again. And just to warn you, it takes a while to load if you haven't been to the site before.


2. Things Other People Accomplished 
When They Were Your Age 
As you know that I am a very ambitious person and often pitch Mr. Salty as my first benchmark, I feel that this website is a great motivation as it will inform you of the many things others have accomplished (which is rather obvious from the title of the site).

Knowing the various great things that were done, I often push myself in the knowledge that I am way behind these people that are mentioned. However, the two major bad points about this website is its lack of an attractive design as well as some rubbish entries are included like “Laura started showering regularly”. (lol)

I would say that this is that kind of website you visit one time in your life, it is interesting to read, and that's it. BUT, do navigate around the main site if you are an artsy person (or trying to be one). Lots of stuff to be inspired about!

So what are your favourite/ new websites that you find interesting? 
Share them with everyone in the comments and I will check it out and perhaps give my opinions!

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