Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Friday. =]

[21st May]

I was invited to the launch of Create2011
and the movie premier of Shrek Forever After in 3D
by Nuffnang!

It was held at The Grand Cathay.

I did my makeup in the cab.
Heh. Ultra light coverage.
I hate hate hate hate the sallow under my eyes.
Haven't been putting my eyecream religiously.

Those are the bloggers for this launch!
Guy in blue is Randy. =)
I can't believe he is 19.
I mean, don't you think he look younger than me?

Went toy catching with Derek after the event.
Scrump! ($3)

We started with Scrump,
and ended up with....


Yes, I walked around with that string of toys!
I was telling them this,..

"If I were to walk into a coffee shop, people are gg to shoo me away saying, wo bu yao!"
I looked like I was selling those $5 toys for charity right?!

Anyway, had Chinese cuisine with the usual boys...
(Thanks Baey for the treat! ^^)
before Audrey and Celeste came to look for us.

As much as I refused to,
this darling of mine (Audrey), managed to psycho me into going clubbing with them.
Went Rebel/Zirca, and met up with Apple!

That day was the very first time I wore a blank n white striped top.
Look at my background.
How coincidental.

3 black n white stripe girls in Rebel's toilet.

And oddly, many more blank and white stripes in the club.
Since when did black and white stripe tops became the "IN THING"?
It's like, it went viral that night!

Audrey and I.
People ask if we are sisters/twins almost e v e r y night when we're out together.
Do we really look that alike?
Maybe when I put on eyelashes, and circle lens?

Stick around to see my advert!
It's being vetted now.

To see the rest of the pictures from this day, click -
052110. After Nuffnang event. Scrump + Party!

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