Thursday, May 13, 2010

KL Trip. [Part1]

For those who do not follow my twitter,
I went to KL during the last week of my school holiday.
It was really impromptu, last minute, and haha, haphazard.

We left Singapore on the 13th of April, which was a Tuesday.
And this trip was decided over Facebook, the previous Thursday!
Young, steadfast and adventurous yea!?

These are some "Essentials" that I put together for,
a long coach ride.

I know that the amulet is a little funny.
Despite not being a strong believer of my religion,
I always wear my amulet when going overseas.
You'll never know right?
"Just in case.. "

I was in such a rush to pack till I missed out quite a couple of important items.
Shades + Earphones.

So much about transferring all the songs into my iPhone.

(p.s. The tidbits that Nana chose, (squarish chicken biscult), taste FREAKING BAD!)

Guess what's THAT!?
It was damn hilarious.
Both Nana and I was about to have flu.
So we were damn desperate to take in Vitamin C.

You know about those Redox tablet thingie that bubbles when in water?
We dared each other to let it bubble in the mouth.

the bottle was filled to the brim,
we can't let it bubble.

NOT because we are childish.

The bus came to a pitstop at this place (idk where).
All the fishes in the pond/pool thing are asleep.
MOTIONLESS, damn cool.

Nana and I was so KUKU that we didn't get to change any ringgit for the trip.
And so, we had just 3RM to spend in this eating place.
SAD. =(
So I seek comfort from my Oreo.

We reached our destination at 6am!
I was sooo in love with WiFi@McD!
I twittered/Facebooked much.

After having McDonald's breakfast,
we hike our way to our hostel.

Both Nana and I agree that the best person to ask directions from is,
McDonald's delivery man.
Reason being,
they will definitely know the location,
and since they are at work, there's lesser chance that they will follow us.
^^ Smarty-pie!

And soo,
Reggae House 2!

We are soooo proud of ourselves.
Both of us are super bad with directions.
All friends should know. -.-;;

Stick around for the subsequent entries!


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