Monday, May 10, 2010

FAQ - Why Honeyhoneybakedham?

I am going to start this FAQ series on my blog.

Why Honeyhoneybakedham?

Heh. What does Honeyhoneybakedham got to do with Jocelyn Kau eh?
Well, actually, it's pretty straightforward.

I love eating ham.
And I like my ham sweet. =]
Apple cider ham taste fake, picnic and breakfast ham taste salty.
And I don't know about any other ham.
So, TADAH, honeybakedham. =)

When I first started this blog few years back,
I was thinking that having my blog address with my name sounds damn lame.

And having "love", "luv", "girl", "gal", "hearts" sounds tooooo girly to be me.
But I was rather girly then, as compared to now.
So, HONEY was good!

If you gna ask what's with the extra honey eh?
Simply because "honeybakedham" was taken in blogspot already. SOB.

Ahwells, the extra sweetness is good for a boyish me.