Monday, May 17, 2010

Advertorial - Bella joy

 Today, I am bringing you an advert of this awesome blogshop.

If you all have yet to know about this blogshop,...
is a blogshop which loves to bring happiness to all her customers! :)
There is a variety of clothes to choose from
- blouses, tops, shorts, rompers and dresses.

The style ranges from the sweet girl next door, fun and casual to more formal looks too 
- there's something for everyone.

 Below is a selection of my some of my favourite items from their blogshop.

From their latest collection (Collection 7)
Item #9 Hermes Inspired Bag (Black/ Cream)
$25 with meetup, $28 with normal mail

 From Collection 6
Item #6 Mika Floral Dress (White/ Pink)
$23 mailed

 From Collection 5
Item #7 Lynn Pants
$25.50 mailed

 From Collection 3
Item #4 Military Lace Jacket
$25 mailed

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Do support these girls so that they can continue to bring in lovely clothes for you.
Visit Bella joy now as they have just launched a new collection!

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