Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winnie's 19th Birthday =] Part 1

I know I am incredibly late for posting this entry.
And it is already 1mth (+2days) since her birthday.

This darling's birthday falls on Christmas Day. How romantic!!!
Anyway, we had awesome fun before the party/ cake cutting session commence. Alrights, I shall let the pictures do the talking. It's been awhile, I kinda somewhat forgot what happened. ^^ Anyway, all the clubbing babes (other than Celeste) was there! But sadly, I counted down with Kenneth Wong. -.- Not by choice, but I just so happened to leave the room to look for him to fetch Apple from Vivo into Onedegree15.

Winnie managed to book a room at OneDegree15 to hold her Birthday party,
many credits to ShanLing (her mother is a member there).
And you thought that the room is nice?
The toilet is nicer!

Before heading over to OneDegree15,
I went over to her place to help wrap up some presents she prepared for all of us.

And look at what greeted me at first sight?

A bouquet of 99 roses!!
Though I am never a flower person, but honestly, credits to the guy.
He presented it to her in such a innovative way!

Winnie, WanZhuo and myself had several hours to ourselves before the rest of the guest came.
We changed into our bikinis and put on the towel robes and head down to the pool!

That AH HAI Winnie Heng can't swim!

After the dip in the pool,
we went back to the room and had bubble bath!
Yes, all 3 of us in one tub!
(Btw, that's WanZhuo in the picture.)

(P.s. I'll end here! Got to get to bed for 12nn class later! )
(P.s.s. Check back tomorrow for the next part!)
(P.s.s.s Meanwhile, you can read the Birthday Girl's entry here. )

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