Sunday, January 17, 2010

Picture update! =)

Honestly, I feel a little bad and guilty for not updating this space (I mean a proper update), for such a long time.
However, I have this weird antic that my picture entry got to go in accordance to the date the event happened. Which means, missing one event leads to the delay of the blogging of the next.

Yepyep. Enough said.
Picture sharing time!

[21 Oct 09]

That was my very first visit to Timbre.
I heard that there're actually 2 Timbre in Singapore.
Well, I went to the one beside the Sir. Stamford Raffles's statue.
Really nice place to chill and relax.
Duck pizza was yummy!

[11 Nov 09]
Baey was really generous to open several jugs and bottles of drinks that night.
All of us had an awesome time.
It was only the guys clique at first, then,
Winnie and the rest pop by to party together.
And, as usual, we went to Sabai Sabai after Butter.
Though there was a little tension at Sabai that night,
but I had awesome fun!
(Fine, I do enjoy myself - most of the time.)

[12 Nov 09]

It was a last minute decision to go Sabai to meet up with Winnie and Celeste.
Was with the guys before that.
Click into the album to see how strong Winnie and Xavier are.
Mind you, I weigh close to 4 sacks of 10kg rice!

[19 Nov 09]
Winnie, Celeste and Apple each own the roundy shades.
It's so Lady Gaga!!

[9 Dec 09]

Most of you know that I dyed my hair black yea?
And finally, got to change the colour.
L'Oreal dyed it for me.
It's for an upcoming campaign thing.
Not extremely sure about the details,
but heard that pictures will be out in the net
and on L'Oreal booths at Watsons.

[17 Dec 09]

I went to MediaCorp's studio on this day for a photoshoot for FHM!
Chill chill, it's not for the cover or lingerie/fashion spread. (How I wish it was)
It's for 1 or maybe 2 pages (??) in the Valentines' issue.
Honestly, I look odd. -.-
Then, went to office, and dinner with Melvyn.
Lastly, ended the night partying at an underaged party.
Vincent and clique was somesort of the host or organiser for the party.
So, went down to give a little support.
(At the same time, wish Vincent a Happy BD)
I have to say that underage party is crap.
That was my very first time to an underaged party.
Everyone was high on,..softdrinks?
And, young people are generally poorer (IMO),
so, they don't really buy alot of softdrinks either.
Making the toilets uber empty.
That's the ONLY positive thing about underage party.
No need to queue in the toilet,
and no need to be freak out by pukes of others.


Alrighty, that's all for now.
I'll blog about Wavehouse later in the day!
Oh, note that there's party coming on up - 23 January 10.

It's going to be AWESOME!
As usual, there will be free guestlist for ALL BABES up for grabs!

Oh, note that I am looking for people to "give out" the guestlist for a little $$ reward.
Drop me a comment with your email address if you are interested! =)

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