Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brothers Forever TiongXim

For the courtesy of you blog readers that are neither in my Facebook, nor following me on Twitter, I'm going to share this here in my blog! =) I know it's been decades since people blog about other people's blog saying how funny they are and stuff, and, I know it's extremely childish for me to blog about them (since they are kids)..

Furthermore, it's genuinely funny!

Check it out 

At first, I was a little concern if I should blog about it, judging that they are "gang" people.
But then, upon further reading, I realised they are kids. (15yo)

No fear. 
Just good laughs!  

[P/s, don't judge me. I didn't search this blog myself. Just Retweets from people that I followed!] 
[P/s/s, the world is really evolving. I don't remember having gang blogs during my teenage time. Gosh, getting old.] 

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