Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too gay?

It's 3rd of June, so basically Jocelyn and I have been together for 4 months + 3 days + few hours and a couple of minutes. We've been spending our time together for almost everyday. Honey moon period? Too sticky? Is it normal? Haha whatever it is, 4 months is a short period of time, but it's more than enough time for me to fall deeply in love with her. She's very lovable :)

All of you must be thinking why did Jocelyn make the sudden switch from boyfriends to girlfriend. Honestly, she's pan-sexual all along. Bet many of you didn't know! Many of her readers and friends commented that it's a waste for her to be gay. I understand and saw where you guys are coming from - such a perfect young lady like her can easily find a perfect guy to be with, why be with a girl? I can't deny that I'm the luckiest girl on earth - when she agreed to be my girlfriend.

HOWEVER, it's just wrong when people start to judge and say being in a gay relationship is 'abnormal'. Why is it abnormal?! I took this from Singapore Law Pertaining To Gays.

"It is not illegal to be homosexual. The government uses administrative measures to impede discussion of homosexuality and the formation of societies connected with homosexuality. Through the frequent use of such administrative measures, and the use of the sodomy law against homosexual acts, the government creates a climate of fear which misleads people to think it would be a crime to be homosexual in orientation and to hide that aspect of themselves. Anybody can proclaim loudly on TV, radio, or on City Hall steps that he/she is homosexual. And I do not believe there is any law that says we can't discuss it. "

The happiest moment in life is when you finally found someone you truly love. Being together with someone you love, IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! 


Dear homophobes, I'm not asking for your approval. 
But I'm just trying to deliver the message: Gays are not people who are possessed by demons
Don't judge them; us. It's ok if you don't understand, but stop judging and criticising lesbians on her Formspring/anywhere else!!! #NO8! 

I don't know how far Jocelyn and I can go, but I would love to spend my remaining time with her. Love to have your blessings! ^^


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  1. I'm quite curious, how did you muster up the courage to confess to her that you like her?