Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just some kawaii iPhone pictures!

Since my girlfriend has been so helpful with reviving my blog, I must as well put in a lil effort too. Heh. So lately, I've been super into pimping my iPhone pictures and I'll post them into Instagram, so you guys should have probably seen it if you're on my Instagram (@hnyhnybkdham).

Follow me if you haven't!!

Anyway, to show-off a little. Yesterday was the first time I baked something on my own!! :) See the last picture? That's my Banana Chocolate Cupcake w Nutella  (icing)! 

I made everything from scratch (other than nutella duh). It's my first attempt (I made enough batter for 2 cupcakes only, and I shared the other cupcake w my family members all), and it tastes fannnttaasstticc!! Gna make more now. ^_^ 

Okay, that's all for now! Check back for more updates!